For the busy producer who needs assistance preparing their project for distribution in the commercial arena.  We have successfully worked on many different types of projects - including audio-visual (film, television, advertising campaigns), audio-only (sampling, compilations), and visual-only (reprint rights, photos, video clips, product placement agreements, etc.).  Visit our client page to see some of the projects we have recently worked on.  

This service includes ownership research, guaranteed price quotes, permission from all necessary rights holders, credit requirements, rights society requirements, trade unions and formal licensing agreements.  This is a complete service performed by experienced professionals.  
First use the contact form
 to tell us information about your project, then we will follow up with a telephone consultation to discuss your project in more detail.  Music Clearance Service fees are based on the project size and budget.  Please note you must have distribution objectives for your project in place within 3-6 months, incomplete projects should not attempt to clear songs until they are well into post production.


Provide written estimates based on your song selections and media distribution criteria.  
Estimates based on similar licensing deals.
Actual clearances will not take place.

Please use the contact form  
to tell us about your project


MUSIC LICENSING FOR  FILM STUDENTS eBOOK Music Licensing for Film Students is a 20-page guide created specifically for those currently enrolled in a Film Class, or in currently enrolled in a Degree Program in Film Making.  This does not contain the information necessary for producers to license music for commercial usages such  as television broadcasting, ad campaigns, theatrical release, or internet.   

Topics Include:

     -  Preparation consultations with your school personnel.
     -  Finding the song owner.
     -  Communicating effectively with song owners. 
     -  What song owners want to know about your project.
     -  How to reduce potential licensing fees.
     -  Licensing paperwork for students.
     -  How to avoid hidden fees.
     -  Required final steps in music licensing.

This is a non-refundable purchase. 
If you have any questions regarding if this is the right book for you please contact us prior to purchase.

This is not a physical book - you will receive a PDF file once your purchase is confirmed.

Only $30 - we use Paypal to ensure your secure transaction.

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