License Music Now provides professional music clearance, music licensing, and music supervision services for all types of media projects.  Please review our FAQ page for more information about licensing.  Send us information using out CONTACT page form, and we will get back to you.  Some services are provided via our turnkey SERVICES page.  Let us know how we can help you.

Jeanne DaSilva Fox, an experienced music executive and noted expert in Classical Repertoire and Music Licensing, has been working professionally in the Music Industry since 1980.  After working in both the commercial and non-profit sectors -- in areas as diverse as performance, education, research, legal, and managerial -- she has established her own company to serve the music and clearance needs of the production community. Jeanne DaSilva has a broad background in rights clearances and negotiations, music supervision, catalog promotion, and union contracting.  She is currently working with clients who are in need of a consultant with intensive musical training; contacts in the recording and publishing industries; association with film, television, and advertising production; as well as experience in catalog promotion, marketing, and corporate partnerships. If you need to license music or images in any production format, whether a film, advertising campaign, new technology format, or a non-profit arts production, contact License Music Now for assistance.

License Music Now

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How Stuff Works is a great website!  They have info on licensing, and almost everything else, and they recommend using our services!


We are not looking for full time employees at this time, please do not send resumes. However, if you are already a professional freelancer in the field of music licensing and copyright feel free to send us your credits as we do occasionally expand our team to temporarily assist on large projects.


We are not looking for interns at this time.  Be aware that most companies require the following from any applicants:    
1. You must be a full-time student currently enrolled in a degree program.  NO EXCEPTIONS!    
2. You must provide your own residence, housing and transportation will not be provided.    
3. Your school will give you classl credit for your work hours.    
4. Your resume, letters of reference, and availability schedule.
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